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This is a detail from the previous Taurus picture.

It could be almost anything. But some have noticed it could very well be the next Mustang. Not the revised one we’ll get next year, but the all new one due in a few years.
Or another coupe? A concept?

What do you think?

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  1. WOW. That really looks GREAT.

    IN PARTICULAR, I really like the contours of the front fender and the smooth transition into the door stamping. It looks like another brilliant, organic evolution of the current design. This will be YET ANOTHER HOME RUN from FORD.

    They might want to think about adding a grill with a horse, though. And the paint job looks a little rough. Maybe they are going with some eco-friendly paint method that means only flat colors, no more shiny finish? Could be.


  2. It’s hard to tell but it looks higher in the back and lower in the front than the current Mustang. Plus the grille looks low and deep like the new Lincoln grill. Could it be the Lincoln Cougar?

  3. Yeah, I was the one who pointed this out in your Taurus thread.

    I was the first one to point it out.

    You’re welcome.

  4. It just occured to me that this may be a shot of a clay styling buck for a mustang concept car. Therefore, this picture might have been taken in the concept car styling department at ford, where they coordinate and piece together concept cars, away from the main styling studios.

    The Taurus in the foreground looks a little bit too glitzy for a mainstream ford, so I’m guessing its a concept -you know, one of those “preview” concept cars that automakers sometimes introduce in the months leading up to a production car’s debut-that will preview the next Taurus.

    I’m guessing its the same scenario with the mustang. The wheels look way to enormous for any ford production car. Plus, its clearly made out of clay.

  5. are you guys kidding!? This picture looks like crap. You can barely tell anything from it other than the profile and stance.

  6. And people said that Chinese like to copy designs. The interior of this Pilot looks like they ripped off the F-150. Just look at the center stack and the design of the circular air vents.

  7. I really hope that this is a true sports coupe from Ford that will utilize the V6 engines that they are starting to develop. With some decent Hp (300+) and not so bad fuel economy, a light coupe with more European character would be great. I really don’t see this as a future version of the mustang.

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