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We are barely getting the Astra in the US and a new one is almost ready.
So I guess we’ll get this one at least a year after Europe.
I am not sure how the sales of the Saturn version are doing in the US. I was just a bit disappointed in the interior. It just looks like what it is, an older design.
But I applaud GM for bringing hatches over here.
Pretty amazing how Saturn is turning around, with now attractive models all around. If only they’d let people know.
What is the point of having good cars if people don’t know about them?

How about some advertising mullah???

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  1. This is ten times better than anything anyone is selling in the U.S. I would buy this over the Matrix/Vibe, or even the Rabbit.

  2. A mullah is the head of a mosque. I hope you mean moolah as in money.

    That aside, I agree with you completely on the Astra, especially concerning the interior. These rebadged cars are light years ahead of the old Saturn products, but there is still room for improvement.

    But why should the U.S. get these models after Europe? The parent company is here afterall. I can understand if models aren’t designed for the U.S., but when they sell cars like the Astra here, we should get it at least at the same time.

  3. This new Astra is really nice. This thing would be awesome with the 2.0l DI Turbo engine thats in the Cobalt SS. I hope they made a lot of improvements with the interior because the current dash and especially the center stack stinks. I especially HATE that cheesey little display.This car is great and I would strongly consider it as a second car. Too bad Saturn does’nt negotiate prices. Oh well, hopefully the car will be worth the price.

  4. I find it sad that we get to see the next Astra which will debut oversees first…before we will ever see evidence of the next Cobalt…

  5. About why we get them a year later (or so) it has to do with anticipated unit demand and facotry capacity. If GM is anticipating strong demand in Europe they release it there and run the manufacturing capacity at full. After a year when european unit demand normalizes, they release it in secondary markets which have pent up demand and run the factory at full. By doing this and staggering intros they can keep the factories at full capacity for most of the product life cycle, while reducing market frustrations resulting from insufficient initial supply.

  6. The Saturn Astra is not selling. Now the hatchback will never make a comeback. I guess a Nissan Versa is it.

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