Nissan Qasqai + 2

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Now you can get the Rogue’s good looking European cousin in a longer 7 seat version.
For those with plenty of kids, or more stuff to carry around.

It still looks so much better than the clumsy looking Rogue we get over here….

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  1. Agreed Vince. Why would Nissan want to make 2 versions of this anyway. The Rogue is ugly as are all Nissans…Styled by retarded children. Cars don’t have to be good looking…Just, not ugly.

  2. I wish we can introduce more smaller size vehicles into North America, so to reduce the pollution, everyone drives small car in EU, usually engine size below 2L, this can help our environment greatly. make no mistake, i enjoy the big block 4.7 V8 as well, but, if everyone can start to purchase smaller car, thats a good step towards clean up the air!

  3. Just what we need, another “compact” SUV with a useless third seat, present only so Nissan can say they have a compact SUV with a third seat.

  4. Hi Vince-Love the website. I live in Holland and I can tell you that in person European version isn’t winning any beauty contests either. It already looks old on the streets.

  5. I thought it made sense to have a mini-Murano. But it was executed very poorly. In the metal, it looks downscale and chintzy. Driving behind it, I was shocked that it was a Nissan and not a Kia. It won’t even compete with the eight year old Escape. Frankly, I don’t think this looks all that much better.

  6. The Qasqai was originally designed for smaller European roadways which was why it was slated for the EU and Japan. The car itself it made in England for labor costs, so the Japanese wanted it to be more European.
    When the Rogue was in development it was meant to be much larger and styled for American tastes (but built in Japan).
    My guess as to why the UK version grew is so that
    one day the Japanese will cut labor costs and ship US version from the UK

  7. Vince at least this has a fairly good looking REAL grille instead of the body color painted plastic mess we get here in the states! Just like the sentra, a car with a color matching grille looks like a cheap plastic toy model you painted as a kid! Someone should tell those sorry folks who designs those vehicles in the U.S. to stop playing with the finger paints!

  8. looks fantastic, have any of you losers actually seen one in the flesh? i didn’t think so, it’s the epitome of fantastic design! You guys really should get out of your mom’s basement, your over 40 now!

  9. i cant believe that some loser would say retarded children, what a moron, i would love to meet that loser in a dark alley

  10. eat this…

    “the epitome of fantastic design”

    I’ll assume you’re kidding right? Or you’re sniffing glue.

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