Nissan Teana

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Pretty much a Nissan Avalon. Or a Nissan Azera.
Thank God we get the Maxima over here…

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  1. Looks better than the Maxima to me. I just wish they didn’t trickle down the interiors from the Infinitis. There should be something to distinguish the interiors of Infinitis from Nissans.

  2. It looks exactly like the Infiniti MX 35/45 in profile, just different front and rear lights. Pretty boring if it’s the new update for the MX.

  3. the exterior is very bloated…. much like our current maxima, im glad our new maxima looks like it slimmed down… but i have to admit, the interior of the teana is nicer than our new maxima… nicer stering wheel and just a nicer more clean, streamlined design

  4. I agree with the other comment by anonymous- they shouldn’t share the same interiors as the Infinitis. There needs to be some differentiation.

  5. Left hand drive. Where are they going to sell this thing? It’s not bad looking. The interior seems nice.

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