No more 4 year warranty for US VWs

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That’s right. If you want your new VW to be covered for 4 years, like it has been the case for years, you’d better get a 2008 model.
Starting with the 2009 model year, the warranty will only cover the car for 3 years.
But that will include “scheduled maintenance”. Which is pretty much a $30 oil change and rotation every 10 000 miles.
(Instead of 5000 miles because now they pay for it)

I call this a step back. A big one. I’d rather have my car covered for another year (especially coming from one of the most unreliable brands sold in the US), than same 30 bucks every 10 000 miles.

But that’s just me…

I guess they finally realized how much money they were spending fixing these cars in their 4th year of ownership.
Everyone I know who owns a new VW has had many trips to their dealers for various electric and electronic problems. Things that are OK under warranty, but would become quite expensive to fix after that.

Good luck building consumers confidence…

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  1. VW oil changes are about $80 in my area because they only use synthetic oil… so it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. if i was buying a volkswagen, i would get an extended warranty anyway.

  2. Burlrat, let not jump to conclusions. Where do you get your info and maybe this is a no-maintenance lease like BMW and Mini for 3 years.

    I have a 99 GTI and had fewer problems than my Honda Accord Coupe.

  3. Is it just US Volkswagens that are unreliable or is it worldwide cos I never seem to hear much about quality issues outside the US…

  4. Well, not long ago, VW actually had 2 year warranties, which was terrible. The change to a 4 year was a GREAT move and actually boosted them to luxury car level, and given the tendency for their vehicles to have various glitches, inspired greater confidence.

    Now they’ll be like everyone else, and that lack of a year might actually sway some real buyers. I know I’d rather have another year and another 14k of coverage and pay for my own basic maintenance, than this.

    Oh well. It is probably cheaper for VW to pay for oil changes than it is for that last year of warranty fixes.

  5. Big mistake VW. Prepare to lose your market share. VW car’s aren’t exactly the most reliable like Honda or Toyota.

    I will never understand why electronics made in Japan just can’t work right in German cars even in $100,000 Mercedes S-Class.

  6. Exactly. That is why a lease makes sense for VWs and AUDIs. Drive them for 3 years and give them back the keys. The smartest move Hyundai has made in the past 10years to build its brand has been the long warranties it attaches to its vehicles.

  7. I heard that the cars built in Mexico were causing much of the reliability issues. My take is that Europe gets the reliable German cars and the US gets a mix from both Germany and Mexico. (Source was VW mechanic)

  8. it’s too bad.they make nice cars,but they always end up having weird problems that japanese cars never seem to have.
    my cousin’s 1 year old jetta(last generation)had so many electrical problems that they finally gave him another brand new one.
    a friend of mine had transmission problems on his 2007 jetta and lost the car for 6 weeks.and the car was only 2 months old.

  9. Would be OK to make the warranty comparable to others if a 3 year warranty is normal. But VW should improve it’s service record first.

    I wouldn’t buy a car with the lousy service record VW has. I don’t understand why anybody buys VWs when there are so many better choices out there.

  10. I had a GTI for me and a Tiguan on my list for our cars (they’re both 10+ years old). This warranty decision by VWoA may cause me to scratch them from my list. Looking at the Audi A3, Subarus and Chevys instead. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Chevy is on my short list.

  11. Sounds like it’s just the Mexican VWs that you guys get in the US…the German ones are far more reliable…

  12. THREE VWs have been lemoned where I work and one Audi. Two Touaegs, a Jetta, and an A4.

    If that isn’t reason enough NOT to buy a VW product this will be. Why would they do that???


  13. VW switched from the 2 year to the 4 year warranty when they made the decision to support the Phaeton. No buyer of a $80k+ vehicle would accept a 2 year warranty.
    Yes, the 2.0t requires special standard VW 502 00, and it’s mostly synthetics like Mobil 1. Pretty pricy oil changes.

  14. anyone stupid enough to get a car made in germany doenst deserve any waranty at all111 if you pick the bad guys youre on yourown

  15. Big step back. Not good.

    And Germans aren’t “the bad guys” to anyone with measurable brain activity.

  16. very simple, they are pieces of shit and VW themselves are telling you “exactly ” that. Here’s how they determine the extent of the warranty. it’s simple, they look ( historically) at the cost per vin ( vehicle identification #) and they determine if that cost is too high. If it is too high, meaning too many claims , meaning a low quality vehicle, then they “reduce” the warranty. they are not trying to build ’em better, they just said screw that and are reducing the warranty, hey….junk is junk!

  17. yes but powertrain warranty is now 5 years just so you guys know…btw there’s been about 8 new vw’s in my family the last 10 years and none of them had issues and we’re very satisfied with the dealers….a couple of audi’s and a cayenne also included.

  18. Perfect! VW is now off my list! They just made my decision a whole lot easier! Thank you VW for showing me that you don’t trust your vehicle’s reliability beyond 3 years. Then again, VW refuses most warranty claims in the 4th year anyway so its not like anyone will really notice.

  19. I have heard that some VW’s need the engine removed to change the timing belt, so it would be good if you didn’t have to pay for that.

  20. A German guy I know told me that Volkswagon have a reputation ( in Germany ) as being more expensive to keep on the road ( service costs etc ) than BMW or Mercedes (Mercedes being one of the cheapest).

  21. I’ve owned three VW/Audis totaling nearly 300,000 miles and I’ve never had any issues with any of them aside from a failed rear window washer in a 95 GTI. I intend on picking up an S5 as soon as it’s available with a full sunroof or as a cabrio. My VWs have all treated me well (knock wood) and I’m a huge advocate for the brand. However, just as consumers are adjusting to the idea of a $40k+ VW, it sends the wrong message for them to cut their warranty. Bad idea.

  22. Owned a Passat for 4 years and at 4 years it still isn’t worth it. Volkswagen is a lousy company that has bad customer service and doesn’t stand behind their product.

  23. yes in Germany, the prized top quality car year after year, consistently is Mazda. Yes in teutonic Germany, they prefer the quality and reliability of a mazda! FACT folks, true is true.

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