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Audi has just canceled 2 upcoming models for the US market.
the Q7 Hybrid SUV. And even more recently, the Hybrid version of the all new A4.
Even though the US could have been the largest market for both models.

Due to the ever weakening dollar. It would just cost way too much over here….

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  1. Some Europeans are coming to the US now with empty suitcases and loading up on cheap American goods (made in China no doubt). I’ve heard the US Dollar referred to by Europeans as th e American peso. How sad that US monetary policy has reduced us to this state.

    I could give a rat’s ass about an A4 hybrid. Just bring over the 2L diesel motor that doesn’t require a pee-pee replacement at every oil change.

  2. audi is stupid!

    this is so short sighted… even if they have to subsidize the hybrid models it’s a tremendous image boost for the brand… then they should just sell like 1000 cars for each model in the important NYC and LA/SFC markets… same for VW… or build those models in mexico with volkswagen!!!

    i don’t get why audi hasn’t created some capacities in the US or mexico??? the mexican built quality is excellent since 2000… and if audi engineers train the mexican staff right i have no doubt they can achieve very good results even for an AUDI….

  3. Anonymous 8:24 I have the same sentiment. If the USD is so low, why not use your greater purchase power to buy up some S.C. land and build a plant or two. Audi talks about most of their future growth from expansion and conquest buys from American consumers. Take a page from BMW and start building your better sellers right her in the U.S. Oh, and I do think Audi is short sighted for not selling a Hybrid in the states. I would consider a hybrid, but I don’t want or need an econo-box or SUV to get it.

  4. Makes no sense to me. The dollar-euro exchange rate might change anytime, who knows. And Audi are losing the biggest market the could wish for those models. Absurd.

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