Opel Insignia/ Saturn Aura

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This is it. At least the Opel version.
The current Aura is quite a different car than its cousin, so we’ll see how much this will change in the translation.

But I think it looks really good. Something like this over here would give GM another good car to compete in the segment.
Ford needs to do something with the Fusion pronto.

And poor Chrysler is not even in the race…

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  1. What a gorgeous car with great lines. Let’s hope Saturn doesn’t change much when they bring it over.

    Love the front headlamps, the interior, although the center stack still looks a bit busy with all those buttons.

    I’d definitely get this over a Malibu (whose front grille is too brash and bold imo), and over a Camry or Accord.

  2. Oh wow, i really like this. It has a nice squat to it. Bonus points for the unique sheetmetal treatment on the front doors.

  3. wow. This car is gorgeous (ok, gorgeous for a mid-market FWD sedan). As-is, there is no doubt it would put Saturn on the map in a major way, that the current model had no chance to do. word up.

  4. Wow! This looks great. Waaaaayyy better than the current Aura. And a nice improvement on the current Malibu. I hope they put an all wheel drive option on this car. I don’t think the next Fusion/Milan will be able to compete with this since they will only be a refresh. I think you may be right about Chrysler. I read somewhere that Cerebus, the company that purchased Chrysler is wondering if purchasing them was such a great idea. They are wondering when they are going to see a return on their investment, if ever. I don’t wish Chrysler bad but I have a weird feeling they are not going to make it. It seems like they have to totally revamp their entire line of cars.

  5. Excellent in every way! At risk of sounding like douchebag jones, this car smokes the Camry and Accord in design. Given its Euro heritage, it will probably smoke them in driving dynamics, too.

    Don’t drag your feet getting it to the States, GM. You have a way of shooting yourself in the foot on this issue.

  6. Wow… The Aura already seemed interesting, but this car is really fabulous !

    If the quality is good, it’s gonna be in first place on my future car buying list !

  7. GM is starting to offer some really good cars. It took the company forever to do it, but consider: Malbu, Aura (and this upcoming new one), Enclave, Malibu, and CTS.

    GM’s brands mean nothing because the late (and not at all great) Roger Smith wrecked GM’s brands back in the 1980s.

    Now GM needs to simplify matters by dumping redundant iron like the Pontiac G6, Saab, most Buick sedans, and other weak vehicles.

    The new Opel/Saturn pictured looks like a winner to me.

  8. Please saturn just replace the badges and dont dont ! touch a thing and sell this !! the front end on this looks really elegant, the rear end looks 1000 times better than a malibu, i kinda wish chevy would just sell this in the middle of cobalt and malibu instead of giving it to saturn…. cause the current aura is a tad overpriced if u ask me

  9. There are five seperate posts with the word “wow” in it so far, including mine. So I guess the word is wow on this one, lol

  10. Is it just me or it looks like a Camry on the front and the old Dodge Neon on the back? Nice interior however (if not too many buttons)…

  11. I don’t like the grille, but the rest of the car is stunning. If this comes here as the next Aura, I don’t see the Malibu competing for the same audience. This appears to be more upscale.

  12. Ford needs to do something with the Fusion pronto.

    Ford needs to do something with Ford first. They have the least appealing line of vehicles.

  13. GM Europe (Opel) is making really nice cars now. Detroit Rot City is just a joke anymore…And you got that skank governor begging for handouts everytime she opens her parasitic mouth…Pathetic…She is like a crybaby welfare queen.

  14. This car will come over unmolested in both exterior and interior as the Saturn Aura. GM is trying to make this new Epsilon 2 design a world car. The only things that will change are the brand badges and suspension tuning. GM is trying to make the engine choices identical as well starting with a 1.4L DI Gasoline Turbo pumping out close to 200HP with a 6-speed auto transmission as well (6-speed manual for other outside-US markets). The new platform is 2.4″ wider than the current Epsilon.

    Look for it in the US in MY2011.

  15. Louis said…

    I would definitely consider buying this Saturn … for my wife.

    Lucky wife of a whipped man. Pretty car, too.

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