Opel Insignia video

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Short video, but the car does look great…

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  1. Love the led daytime running lights. Before I wanted the new Mazda 6 but when the US version slipped out, I said eeehhhh, it’s alright. Now that this thing is out, I don’t want the 6 anymore, I want this. I’m hoping Saturn does’nt mess with it too much. Hopefully they just replace the Opel symbol with the Saturn symbol. And hopefully it does’nt take them 2 to 3 years to do it. Also looking forward to seeing the next Malibu.

  2. This is absoulutely stunning. I want one but don’t want to wait another two to three years for it. This is what GM needs to lure U.S. buyers away from the Japanese car companies. I already know the setup i would buy. Make it a four cylinder with a six speed automatic and i’m there.

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