Peugeot 308 RCZ heading for production

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This might just be the 1st real competition to the Audi TT.
Peugeot has just announced the RCZ will be introduced in 2009 as a production model.
Although actual sales will have to wait the spring of 2010.

Another cool looking thing on the roads. European roads….

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  1. Front end looks like a comic book villain laughing at you.

    That being said where’s Renault with a new Alpine?

  2. ugly fake peugoet stoped making cars decades ago read and inform yourself before posting that kinf d of crap

  3. Peugeot stopped making cars decades ago? Right, that’ll be why they build Europe’s best seller. Moron!

    Try leaving “beautiful” Modesto, California once in a while – you’ll probably be surprised to find there’s a whole world out there!

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