Production Chevrolet Beat caught

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You can see, again, how close this will be to the concept (Green car)

I hope they bring this to the US. GM needs small cars.
To help with new fuel economy standards, they have started testing the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine in large cars. They are considering offering it as an option in the G8 and the next Impala.
They are also thinking of offering an electric only version of the Volt in California.

We’ll see…. At least, they are moving forward, and trying new things.

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  1. This thing has personality. If they get the engine, transmission, and handling right i would definately consider it as a second car.

  2. Just change the grille back to the look of the concept, it’ll be amazing.

    So of the Ameri-Bs we will have The Dodge ? (by Nissan instead of Chery), the Chevy Beat (and Aveo), and Ford Fiesta. A battle of the minis….kinda funny, but needed.

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