Revised Audi A3

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I guess this is what we’ll get for 2009.
As you can see there isn’t much news. The main thing would be the headlights.
the model pictured here is the “Euro only” 3 door. We still won’t get that one in the US.

Here is the current model. Seems that the only change inside is on the door panel..
Was all this worth it???

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  1. Those tail lamps make it look real common and boring, and recently saw all the Audi 2009 lineup running around san diego and also the infinity fx , all journalists, and those LED daytime lights are awesome ! saw both groups of cars all day long as i was doing some road work here near ramona ca. was a tad jealous they were having fun driving and i was working my shit job ! lol

  2. you’re a very unobservant and dull-witted individual. The console around the handbrake has been revised as well.

  3. In general, I like Audi’s new direction, and I’m already a fan of the A3. But mid-life revision looks like they’ve tried to dress it up with some new mascara! They expensive looking headlight design doesn’t jive with the rest of the design–and I agree with the previous poster that the rear tail-lights look rather cheap and generic.

  4. amazing what a set of nice headlights can do to the image of a vehicle. we aren’t supposed to get the A3 hatch in NA but i just saw a 1 series hatch on the highway last week. looked twice and confirmed. alberta canada

  5. For a mid-cycle refresh, I think this looks good. The revisions to the headlamps and taillights look great and keep them updated and current with Audi’s design theme. The A3 will never be the first to push Audi’s design language forward. It’ll always follow the lead of their more expensive aspirational vehicles.

  6. Just bought an A3 2.0t with S-Tronic, fabulous car, if you get a chance to drive one do so, you’ll be amazed. New interior not much different to my one. Not keen on new lights though, prefer the older model – change for changes sake???

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