Revised Hyundai Elantra

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So far, for the Chinese market only.
I never thought much of the new Elantra design, so this is better.

But yesterday, I saw a couple of new Corollas on the road. What a mess that design is.
It actually makes this new Elantra a much better looking car. Almost looking original…

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  1. MUCH better. The middle was never the problem, but the front and rear of the current US car look as plain and just curvy to be curvy as could be…with a little melting thrown in. Always just weird.

    Give the US car this MUCH crisper nose and rear end details, and things will be much better. The last gen was much more sharp and solid looking than the egg that replaced it.

    Not that the Elantra is a huge, huge seller…but every little bit helps.

  2. The Corolla sexy?! LOLOLOLOL. All Toyoda did is make a small Camry. Sexy…….HAHAHAHAHA. I saw the new Corolla last week and already forgot what it looks like.

    This Elantra is what we should’ve gotten in the first place. Hyundai still drops the ball for not coming out with an optional 2.4L “world” engine.

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