Roewe 550 official pictures

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Nothing we haven’t seen before.
And it still looks pretty good.
I still think it could maybe compete with cars like the Jetta over here.

we still need to find out how it drives. Curious to read about European test drives of this one…

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  1. I’m very impressed. The design is fairly original, and at least not a straight up copy of anything.

    The interior looks great, generations ahead of Chrysler.

    Considering that the Chinese have advanced quite quickly in terms of improving their crash testing- they are a force to be reckoned with, and kudos to them for putting in the work to improve their products.

    If they can overcome the perception of poor quality, and poor safety, then at a low price point, they’re going to come in at a comfortable position. Slightly better than when the Koreans first entered the market, IMO.

  2. The dash design reminds me of a BMW. This is a find looking car (inside and out) ready for any market.

  3. This car is based on the Rover 75/MG ZT platform, and those cars was well regarded for their ride, handling and structural integrity, so I can’t imagine the Roewe 550 will drive badly.

    If the suspension tuning is more akin to the ZT than the 75, it might even be capable of challenging the Ford Focus, Vauxhall/Opel/Saturn Astra and Kia Cee’d/Hyundai i30 in the way it drives.

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