Roewe 550

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Just a couple more shots, including the interior.
What could have been a smaller Rover.
Still looks really nice, especially for a Chinese sedan.

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  1. ur either a blind old man or a racist old fool.

    this thing is a lot better now, compared to the old rover

  2. I like the clean, uncluttered dash and interior. Gives the car a classy appearance. Exterior stying is surprisingly good for the Chinese who are getting much better at this in a short amount of time.

  3. i honestly love it. i don’t think that Rover could have ever built anything like this as a replacement.

  4. This actually looks good, and the interior looks nice.

    Hell, I’d buy this any day over that POS Chrysler. What is wrong with Chrysler and their plastic-fest love affair?

  5. For a chinese car it’s not bad. However, how much effort was it for them to just copy the VW Passat? I don’t think mainland China has an original thinker out of over a billion people.

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