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I wonder why Ford isn’t using the Chinese market long wheelbase Mondeo as the next Taurus.
I mean really…
From what we’ve seen, the 2010 Taurus doesn’t really look better than the Mondeo. And the longer model is probably about as roomy as the Taurus. So why come up with an expensive redesign when you already have something ready?

Is there something we don’t know, or are they making mistakes and costly decisions over and over again?

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  1. This mondeo looks dated in comparison to the new taurus spy shot that surfaced. Just because it’s longer doesn’t mean it’s fit for a large sedan replacement

  2. Something we don’t know?

    …well afaik the Mondeo won’t fit the 3.5v6
    …that what you had in mind, Vince? 😉
    …imho the superTaurus looks great!!!

  3. Somehow the long wheelbase Mondeo looks disproportioned, and really isn’t fit for the kinetic styling (which works better on shorter cars, imo).

    Actually, I think the new Taurus blends the US 3-bar grille with the Kinetic Styling of the Euro products very nicely, considering the Taurus is probably longer than the Mondeo.

  4. True. This longer Mondeo could be just as wide as the shorter Mondeo, making it a narrow car for its size. And how can you judge the next Taurus on a single grainy photo that may or may not be the next Taurus?

  5. The LWB Mondeo would make sense however, I believe the 2010 Taurus is simply a reskin of the current car and therefore the tooling costs are relatively low compared to setting up production of the Mondeo in the US. We can’t import the Mondeo here because the dollar is so weak. Otherwise, the car would likely already be on it’s way here.

    I think Ford is getting the taurus right this time and I expect that a significant sales increase for the model (esspecially the “SHO” version) will be the result.

  6. Vince,
    The reason they’re not using the overseas versions is because the new Taurus has to be built at the Chicago plant where the old one was built and where the new Lincoln MKS is going to be built. From what I hear the new Taurus will be basically a rebadged MKS with less “luxury.”

  7. Vince – I agree with other posters on this. The reason essentially comes down to Logistics.

    The LWB Mondeo is a nice car, no doubt, but Ford wont replicate that infrastructure here in the US to build such a product when a supplier base is already established to feed the assembly lines in Chicago where they build the Taurus/Sable and future MKS.

    The only other “alternative” to get such a product directly here is to import it – and with the sinking dollar, that’s just not possible.

    Remember, Ford made a similar decision before the Mazda derived CD3 platform came online here in the US market. Ford was contemplating bringing the Mondeo’s platform to the US to replace the old D-segment Taurus, but decided against it. Instead it based its future products on CD3 – in part b/c the supplier base was already up and running and was already feeding a very compotent product in Flat Rock, MI.

    Ford’s ideas was, “Why reinvent the wheel when a great product is already in place to build upon”?

    That’s the same thing here. No one has complained about the Taurus’s power, handling, etc — just the bland looks. And now that will be addressed as well.

    Still, the spyshots we’ve seen illustrates that Ford is kind of blending the look of Aussie Fords, the European “Kinetic” look and our own “Red, White, & Bold”/Three-Bar theme and putting it on the next Taurus. It will work til the “unifying/One Ford” Design theme debuts in the next 5 years.

    So taking a “Mondeo’esque” look and grafting it onto an established and capable platform isn’t such a bad solution – as long as it’s executed correctly.

    Take care Vince.

  8. Vince

    I know you love the Euro Fords, but you haven’t even seen the next Taurus, just a really lousy picture of what you think might be the next Taurus. At least reserve judgement until you see the actual car.

  9. This thing is kinda funny looking when it’s stretched out. Kinda reminds me of that really long 3 row seating Chinese pickup truck on a recent post.

  10. I really hope that Ford decides to push for more AWD vehicles. The V6 engines that they are coming out with are potent enough to negate the extra weight. I would like to see Ford pull things together and in about 3 years have a really strong line up from their smallest car to their largest truck. This LWB Mondeo is not part of that plan for the U.S.

  11. Why the hell do the Chinese, of all people, need a longer wheelbase Mondeo? Anyway, it looks more athletic when its slightly shorter.

  12. Personally, I’d far rather own a Taurus built on the fantastic S80 underpinnings than that of the Mondeo. Both cars are good, but one better suits the target demo of families looking for safe, roomy transport.

    Don’t forget the current Taurus is scoring very well in crash tests.

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