Toyota Innova

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This has to be the ugliest Toyota that actually made it into production.
Most of us has never seen it. It seems to be a model specific to India.

I guess it fits a need in that country. But still….

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  1. it is actually model for asian countries such as thailand and india…. sells really well there since it is built for family and rough roads use… actually based on Hilux platform…

  2. they have this in the philippines, i think it came out last year. its pretty roomy inside, though the interior looks pretty cheap. but hey, its a cheap car.

  3. vince, this is off topic, but i dont know how to send a message. is the ford transit connect coming to the US with a diesel?

  4. Vince, you’re super wrong.

    Toyota Innova aka Toyota Kijang Innova was & is Toyota Indonesia’s local production.

    If you think it’s ugly now, just see the 1st year model of Toyota Kijang!

    And yes, it fits the country’s need.
    It’s almost as big as a RAV4, yet it seats 9, 2L engine (petrol and diesel), etc etc.

    I don’t like it too, but I wish we would be more open to this kind of thrifty car – maybe sooner than later, now that US economy is going down the hole

  5. Our next Sienna will look closer to this model than anyone would believe until they see it for themselves.

  6. Man, an early 90s Previa or 80s GM Dustbuster van looks more contemporary than this. Do enough people smoke in third world countries that Toyota needs to have factory window vents? What platform are they using for this? Because it looks tipsy and doesn’t quite sit right on the wheels.

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