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That’s right. The Passat CC is dead, long live the CC.

VW is now calling their new sedan the CC. It’s not a Passat anymore.
Even if it shares most mechanicals with it. And even its dashboard.

Is it a good move?

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  1. Definately a good move especially considering this this is much more expensive than a regular Passat. I guess if your willing to pay extra then you want to avoid any association with a cheaper vehicle.

  2. Volkswagen needs to pump a little more fresh air in to their Marketing Department. Calling this car the Passat CC was a bad idea … it made the car sound like a different trim level of the standard Passat (ie, rather than a car with significantly different exterior styling). Simply calling the car CC is an even worse idea … the name doesn’t “fit” with the rest of VW’s line, has no zing to it and bears comparison to the oh-so-tiny Chery QQ.

  3. i still don’t get/see what exactly make this car a “CC”?

    to me it look like what the next generation passat should be, nothing more, just because they smooth the angle on A/C pillar doesn’t make this a 4 door coupe. and the painfully obvious FWD side profile isn’t helping neither.

  4. Given that several other vehicles have started off with 2 names, often with one being from another model, and then dropped them…thinking Pathfinder Armada, B9 Tribeca, etc. now.

    So, maybe, just going CC won’t be a bad thing where Passat is dropped 2 years later. Or maybe it will since there’s so much shared. Hard to tell, but I’d error on the side of 1 name.

  5. Isn’t WV supposed to drop the passat to replace it with something cheaper? It’s going to have a new name, so I see no reason to drop the “Passat” from this. It’s like calling the Dodge Durango an Aspen….but within the same brand. It would be easy to drop “CC” from the name once the current Passat replacement is out. This whole “Name a new car with a current name” thing has been around for ages. Toyota did it with the Corolla Tercel (and toyota is STILL sticking the Corolla name to new models, but not in the US) before letting the Tercel sail on its own merit. I’d rather have this thing called a Passat CC instead of just the CC (Makes perfect sense since it’s Passat inspired in the first place)…because that’s not very WV of them…..but we’ve seen this happen before.

  6. VW is supposed to name their cars after different winds, no?
    how about Hot Air for this one?

    they just seem completely confused lately
    … wait a minute,

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