VW New Bora

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The Bora was the old Jetta. So I guess this is the new Jetta for the Chinese market?

Except for the grille, this car could be anything from a Kia to a Toyota. Nothing much says VW…
The interior looks like a revised version of our old Jetta.

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  1. Since they are getting better cars over there (the Mondeo and the better Cadillacs and Buicks) it’s nice that they get lame cars for a change.

    Is the Lavida supposed to be the larger version of the Bora?

  2. bora was the euro name for the jetaa for 4-5 years here…

    until it was phased out here… the US jetta on the 5 chassis is now also sold as the jetta in the EU, but sales are very slow…

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