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This looks pretty amazing. And a little bit freaky.
The freaky part comes from the fact VW are not the most reliable cars…

Still, this is a pretty impressive technology.
And unlike the Toyota system, you don’t have to be n the car.

VW isn’t saying yet when this will be available.
So it might be a while…

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  1. Burlapp,
    I am a VW owner for almost 10 years now and I know they are not perfect cars. They do have their problems, but tell me which company doesn’t? The shell of VW’s seem years ahead as far as safety compared to many of the Japanese makes in its price segment. Just slam the door and that tell you something. I know if I was in a accident, I rather be behind the wheel of a VW than a Corrolla.
    As far as reliability, about 12 years ago, I was a proud owner of an Accord Coupe. I almost got into a server accident when the computer failed and told
    the vehicle not to shift…I was driving up route 80 near Binghamton, NY…mountain country!!! My little
    VW never failed me despite some silly problems.

  2. Just imagine volkswagen techs trying to fix this later in the cars life when it continuly breaks down and keeps hitting other cars !

    Basically if you cant park a car you should not be driving ! just about everywhere i go i have to park my own car and have done it for over 30 years with no assist !

  3. Just check tha actual facts at JD Powers.com

    they do all the research, not me.
    I know there are plenty of VW owners with no problems at all.
    But there are more owners with problems than almost any other brands sold in the US.
    And that is something they need to address.

  4. Exactly the right point Vince. I’m a huge VW fan, and would buy one in a second, but this is always a consideration…great cars, but still riddled with too frequent problems, big or small. Part of the character, in one regard.

    That said…I actually think a parking feature like this is on the new Tiguan’s outside of the US, but was one feature they cut out for these lands. I’m not sure if it works just like this, but it’s a production feature. It’s called Park Assist, and at least in descriptions, sounds VERY much like this vid. So it’s already out & about…in other lands.

  5. Vince, there isn’t really much of a quality difference between the best and the worse brands. That’s why we see the slightest fractional change dramatically affect the order in the ranking. The difference is immeasurable to anyone who doesn’t purchase ten vehicles for comparison each year. Between me and my family, we own four vehicles that score well below average on JDP. My S4 has purred flawlessly for three years with the exception of a terribly designed pop-out cupholder that has needed to be replaced. Other than that our Mazda 3, Volvo and Jeep have also had no real issues. Conversely, the only engine failures I’ve ever had were in a rental Corolla and a rental Hyundai. So much for statistics. Buy what you like.

    Still, I don’t see the point of automatic parking.

  6. if youre too stupid and cannot park you own car maybe its time to give o uop your licence

    i guess the idiots over ther in germany cant even drive

  7. Well there is no doubt about the reliability comment. He is actually talking about the average vehicle and not individual vehicles. Honda ON AVERAGE has always been much more reliable ON AVERAGE than VW.

    Said very fast in a low voice, result for individual vehicles may vary, tax title and ….not included.

  8. anon 4:12,

    Sure, on average, Honda is more problem free than VW. But the numbers don’t show that it’s by much. It’s something like .5 problems per vehicle more in a VW than for Honda. That’s statistically (and literally) not really measurable in the real world.

    I think that a bigger factor than differences in the mechanical quality of the vehicles is the quality of the dealers and coaching of the service staff. Honda dealers just seem more competent and trustworthy than VW/Audi dealers. Right down to the comfort of the waiting rooms and the personality of the service managers. It really helps Honda overcome the anxiety owners experience when something goes wrong. This all feeds the positive or negative perception of quality. It’s something that VW/Audi needs to address. Big-time.

    My Audi has been problem free so far. But when something finally goes wrong, I’m expecting that they’ll try to bend me over. And that’ll determine whether or not the S5 is my next car.

  9. djones, what should that comment about Germans cannot park be about? I’m German and I’m sure, that I can park my car a lot better than you do…btw I wouldn’t need that parking systemt, too, but we have parking lots that are really small compared to yours. I only needed to be a good parker in the US in Seattle…all other places were so huge that every idiot can park there.

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