The $11 400 Convertible

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The Chinese press announced the price for the new small Chery Faira convertible.
The regular hatchback model would start at $7 150.
Not sure if that is the Chinese price translated in US dollars. Or if they are actually thinking of entering the US market soon.

Is anyone here ready for a $7000 brand new car from China?
What if revues come out great?

By the way, its closest competition here would be the Hyundai Accent Hatchback and it starts at almost $11 000.

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  1. Up here in Canada Hyundai is selling the base (L trim) Accent Hatchback for $9,995. This is a cash deal and doesn’t include freight, dealer charges and taxes … still it’s a cheapo price! Yes, I think the market is ready for a $7,000 hatchback from China. This type of car will compete mostly against used cars (ie, as Hyundai’s Pony and Excel did when they were first introduced).

  2. Hey, that car looks like a cooler version of a Smart. I wonder what fuel economy it gets?

    Not bad since we’re heading to $5/gal gas.

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