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It appears that the next all new Cobalt, due for the 2010 model year, will be a rebadged version of the next Daewoo Nubira .
Already sold in Europe as a Chevrolet.

I guess it was a matter of time until GM turned over work on their small cars to Korea.
The Aveo is already a Daewoo…

It also seems that the Cobalt changes might be limited to front and rear light designs.
It’s kind of too bad.
I was hoping for a real American Cobalt. Maybe I’m crazy…

We’ll still have the German Opel Astra sold by Saturn. So I guess the Astra and Cobalt won’t be related anymore.

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  1. Where did this come from? I’m an avid GM guy…and have NEVER heard this. Unless I’m just missing a big news story somewhere…

  2. the new cobalt spy pics are up on other sites today and show the malibu inspired grille on them.. this aint it, also the c-pillar is a tad different from these pics…

  3. It’s exactly what the public wants today. A nicely styled small car that has a good amount of room inside.

  4. Vince, you are quickly loosing credibility here. Why in the WORLD would you ever wish for an “American Cobalt”??? They have been junk from the start with abysmal interiors, poor fit and finish outside, and rental car looks.

    I think this is going to help GM, Daewoo can certainly produce a small car that is higher in quality than GM can.

  5. A Daewoo Nubira. A DAEWOO??? Isn’t that the joke brand that sucked so badly here that they exited the country with their tails between their legs? This is a huge risk for GM. As bad as the Cobalt is, it sells well. And as they improvove their products, Chevy needs to make sure they don’t have any major mis-steps. This will be one. They need to operate with a little more integrity than this.

  6. As far as this being the next generation Cobalt is concerned, I think this is right on the money considering a) it has the same roofline and contour line running right above the door handles and b) the wheels and gas casket openning are identical in my opinion to the spy photos. As far as that being a good or bad thing is concerned its hard to tell, but aslong as the bring over the new suspension found in the new SS model(me friend bought one and it rides better than my GTI) and develope an interior that is as appealing(realistically at this price point) as the Malibu’s I will be happy.

  7. I think they will both be Delta II, as will the next Astra, and likely the Sab 9-1 and maybe even the next Saab 9-3 if they can stretch the components enough. I see no reason for GM to design any of their cars specifically in the US, if their engineers in other parts of the world are working on the same thing. No need for duplication of effort. Just let the engineers, wherever they are, do their best work.

  8. Cobalts were being assembled at GM’s facility in Lordstown, Ohio. According to Wikipedia Cobalt production will be moved to Mexico in 2009. I guess it will be a short run in Mexico before production is moved to South Korea for the Cobalt replacement.

    I find this really, really interesting. “Japanese” car companies like Toyota and Honda are able to build good quality small cars in North America. Honda assembles the Civic in Alliston, Ontario (Canada) and East Liberty, Ohio (USA). Toyota puts Corollas together in Cambridge, Ontario (Canada) and Fremont, California (USA). However, an “American” car company like GM moves small car production to Mexico and then South Korea. When Japanese car companies were invading North America in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who would ever have imagined such a thing???

  9. I really, REALLY like the Aveo, but somehow this really disgusts me. Turning the cobalt into a Nubira. Weird. Isn’t the current one a little larger than the Cobalt?…and will they kill the Suzuki Forenza for the US? Having a model that is spread across brands is a bit much, but having the same model one rank under the Chevrolet version? It’s plymouth all over again…but somehow worse!!!

  10. Wow, you people need to get a grip. The Cobalt, Nubira, Astra, Volt, and 9-1 are all using the same Delta II platform. It was designed in Korea but cars based on it will be built at various locations around the world, not just Korea. It’s really no different than the various Zeta cars (designed in Australia and there’s a Daewoo version of that too) or the multiple, yet different versions of Epsilon.

  11. face it America
    you stopped designing good cars on the sixties
    Australians, German and Koreans are gonna be designing and making your cars for you. Get used to it

  12. I have never really cared for the Cobalt all that much but does anyone remember the Cavaliar it replaced? That was terrible. Anywho, in Canada the Daewoo Nubira is sold as a Chevy. And here in the US its sold as the Suzuki Forenza or some shit. Just wondering is this “Chevy” isn’t for our brothas up North. Ehh?!


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