2010 Ford Fusion

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I drove the Fusion when it came out and was pretty impressed.
A good looking car and a very nice driving one too.
I just thought the interior could have been a bit more interesting.

So I don’t think changing the front and rear of the car is really the answer. Nobody was complaining about that.
I hear the interior might be new too. That could be a good thing to keep up with the competition.
Engines will be updated as well and the Hybrid version will finally come out.

I just hope Ford spends enough money advertising their car. This is a good car that deserves to be much more successful.
But I will miss the current design…

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  1. I own a Milan and I love it. It is well put together, it drives great and has been trouble free. I think people are quick to dismiss Ford because of all the lame cars they have a reputation for producing, but the Fusion/ Milan are very competent, and a turning point for Ford. I hope they can turn around their image soon.

  2. I think the Fusion and Milan are well put together period.
    They do share some Mazda stuff, but Ford is still doing a great job with these cars.
    I just don’t think they need new front ends.

    Congratulations on your Milan.

  3. Was that justa picture of the front of rear of the covered Fusion or the sketches? Because that’s all I can find on google.

  4. “Your Milan is well put together because of Mazda, not Ford lol.”

    What a silly statement. You do realize that Ford controls Mazda and has collaborated on every platform they use, correct? Not that that’s a good thing, seeing as Mazda ranks near the bottom of most quality surveys and Ford is near the top. FWIW, the front of this looks great. The rear is Buick LaCrosse bland except for the cheezy chrome mustache on the trunk.

  5. Vince the car is OK but heck it is a Ford. A piece of S#it.

    I wasted so much money on Fords, GM, and Crysler vehicles in the past.

    Do you know what I have been driving for the past six years?

    Hondas and Toyotas builted in the USA.

    I hope Ford goes outta business, seriously.

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