2010 Saab 9.5

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I just wished the 2010 Saab 9.5 looked like that. Or even close to it.
But I’m afraid they will, again, be led by fear. Fear of competing with mostly other boring looking luxury sedans.

Saabs should be original. Not for everyone.

We’ll know more in the summer of 2009, when the all new 2010 model comes out.

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  1. Come on Vince, if they were any more unique people would not buy them. Saab doesn’t even sell 40,000 vehicles a YEAR in America. If you appeal to less people you the company will not be as profitable.

    I honestly do NOT see the point in buying a NEW Saab. Their resale value is absymal, they are not relaible, they are almost as expensive as a 3 Series or a C class when optioned. Buying used makes more sense.

  2. The tail lamps are a bit concept-car looking. But the shape of the car is nice. I don’t know… GM has been pretty good lately about building cars that closely resemble the concepts

  3. Very sleek and pure. Exactly what Saab should be doing. They should be selling the anti-German designs.

  4. The back appears to be from a 96′ Dodge Avenger… Rest Jaguar XF? Maybe it shares platform of the XF.

    Saab is certainly not for everyone given the low sales numbers:-).

    Ford isn’t doing much with Saab so I wouldn’t be surprised it would be for sale one day…

  5. Saab is under the GM banner not Ford…Volvo is with Ford…

    I tend to disagree though. Jaguar has recently come to realise that trying to sell loads of Jags to the masses was a bad idea (i.e. X-Type) and now they’re focusing on being smaller but still profitable…

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