30 years ago.

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Some of us might remember 1978…

Not much to say.
Just enjoy the small time machine….

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  1. i do miss amc… the euro jap companies got together to run it to the ground a shame

    the fairmont was a great car even still now much better than many new car s like the corolla

  2. LOVE the old ads, Vince! I used to go through the stacks at the library and browse the old car magazines (this was back in the late 80s), so I remember some of these ads. Good memories.

    Can you post links to larger versions? It would be great to be able to read the copy.

  3. What is that ship behind the Futura? Is that the dropship from Aliens??? Cause if it is, I WANT THE FUTURA!!!

  4. A much more enjoyable and simpler time.. that was laid back and less complicated and also less hectc! Just like the automobiles of the same era. I do really miss those times very much. Vince, Thank you very much for these great old memories! I would love to see more.

  5. Thanks for the memories Vince! I was a senior in high school in 1978, and can remember all of ’em!

    That Futura could be a nifty car if one ordered it with the V8 and a stick……..not many were sold that way and the car itself is rare as hen’s teeth now.

  6. Thanks for the ride on the time machine, Vince! What strikes me is the clean, sharp lines of the two Ford products (ie, the Mercury Capri and the Ford Futura). When these cars came out it must have been as though the car Gods gargled a little Listerine and blew fresh air over parking lots everywhere. These days most new model introductions seem more evolutionary than revolutionary. Imagine, though, walking on a Ford dealer lot in 1977 and seeing row upon row of bulbous Mavericks … and then coming back a year later to see rows and rows of chiseled Fairmonts. You’d probably doubt that the cars came from the same company!

  7. Always good to see auto ads from the 70’s and 80’s and it’s nice to take a trip in the virtual time machine too.

    Though, the AMC Pacer was and still is one of the ugliest cars made.

  8. Thanks for the old ads.

    I bought one of those Mazda GLCs (though not the “sport” model with that racing stripe decal!). It was a terrific little car that also served me as moving van and camper in my college days.

    65 horsepower…

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