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Looks like the small Alfa Mito looks better outside than inside.
For my money I’ll take the Mini Cooper.

I know the Alfa looks great, but that interior reminds me of their 80’s models.
And they didn’t have the best interiors…

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  1. I;ve heard so many rumors about this for so many years, that I’m not sure what to think…

    It seems that now, Alfa/Fiat is looking for a factory in North America. The latest news are actually even talking about Mexico.
    They are also talking with Chrysler. So some Alfas might be built in Chrysler owned plans.
    It’s even harder now for the to sell European built cars in the US, with such a cheap dollar and strong Euro.

  2. The GTI is German built, but spotty VW reliability might be better still than this Alfalfa, they were never known as reliable either with electrical problems.

  3. R U Kidding Vinny?

    I’d buy this car in a second, I love the interior…

    Only once, long ago did I drive an Alfa. It had the V6 derived from GM. And even though it was a GM motor, it sounded Italian. They had tuned it such…. so sweet.

    Love it!

  4. the 147 was a revolution for alfa, and some magazines even went as far as saying that it had the best alfa interior ever made so far (when it was introduced). so, i would imagine the mito would be at least as good

    as far as sales in the u.s. go, isnt alfa already selling an exotic through maserati dealers or something?

  5. Vince this is in no way related to any Alfa’s of the 80s (the interior), i should know cause my family owned 3 Alfa Romeo’s and both where from the mid/late 80’s. Yes sure, the interior isn’t as special as that of a MINI or a Fiat 500 but that doesn’t make it bad at all. It’s more sporty, more typical Alfa (of the 00’s)and less “look at me i’m so cure in my retro funky suit”! The car looks great both inside and out

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