All new 2009 Nissan Cube

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They did what I thought was impossible: make the new Cube even more modern and original than the current version.
And that’s the one we’ll get in the US!

This is great news for anyone here who wants something cool and different. And the timing couldn’t be better for a small, yet roomy, economical wagon with a 1.6 Liter engine.

I really can’t wait to see this.

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  1. I hope it’s just the angle but the front and rear bumpers look too rounded. I was dead set on getting one of these but I think I’ll have to reserve judgment until I see more pics. The specs should be awesome though.

    Actually, the more I look at it the bumpers don’t seem that bad. Maybe a little girly looking but not really that bad. Again could just be the angle.

    Any word on an official release date?

  2. Is the sunroof just covering the passenger side?
    It is cute but maybe a little Disney-ish for me, I pray
    the Honda Crossroads makes it here as well…

    Turkey Pie

  3. I love it. it’s perfect, Nissan only needs to have balls now and bring in a shit load of them. they will sell like wildfire. I ahve a dealer friend who is more excited about this than the new Maxima and he will be driving this when it lands

  4. here this fall, priced in versa range, replaces versa sedan, yes sedan will be and is already discontinued……it is sooooooo cute! you will be pleasantly surprised by the pep and huge fuel economy and interior space and……………………………..

  5. wow how organic , natural, smooth, attractive looking, it will be a big success especially if it will be like driving any other nissan. This car proves 100% that bNissan Builds better cars then toyota.

  6. niisan rocks, I own a floral store and am going to get 4, all prettied up as delivery units, it’s a done deal. i already know nissan builds rock solid cars, i’ve owned 15 over the years.

  7. i have a computer training/repair/sales and service store. I am going to put myself and staff in these to replace our beetles. Box them up!

  8. Once again the Nissan SpyKing shows how little he knows and exposes himself for the fraud he really is. There are no plans to sop selling the sedan. Are you a moran or what??

  9. I wonder if the passenger side class with have a more visible pillar or if it is actually camouflaged in black.
    The 240 sx also blacked out a portion of its window
    to make the style more fluid.
    When looking at the roof in this photo, I think
    the sunroof might have a glare due to poor photography/lighting quality making it seem that it only covers the driver side.
    As far as saving money, perhaps this is built on a pre-existing platform to save money, like the Versa
    but I am not sure if it will be its replacement.

    Burlapp what is your take on this?
    Any more photos? Interior shots?

    Turkey Pie…

  10. Ahh this is a photo chop of the teaser image that has been floating around lately, they just brightned up the pic a whole bunch and did a bad job of the entire windscreen and the roof . study the windshield carefully !

  11. Interesting. Looks like it was designed by Boffi or some Danish architect. Which is to say, it looks good. But how does it drive? If it drives like a lousy Xb box, then thumbs down. I am tired of these awful AztekElementXbScion crapmobile toasters that try to appeal to Gen-Y customers but are really selling to geriatrics who need an 80hp golf cart with airbags.

  12. The current production of versa sedan has ceased 100% for north america and they are replacing it in ’09 with the cube. there are some sedans out there but they are building no more as of 2 weeks ago. Have a great day!

  13. that spyking is the real deal, i’m a huge fan, everything he says is factual. I went to a dealer to confirm this versa sedan story and as he says “it’s 100% true”

  14. looks a bit like a cross between the original Scion xB and the chevy HHR…should be a good seller considering gas prices these days

  15. Dude, the spyking is nothing but a 15 year old kid whoes dad works for nissan. I’m half tempted to turn him into Nissan security for spilling beans on everything.

  16. The sunroof is actually a conventional one as seen in the much clearer photo below…I will jump for joy when I see this in person and I hope it is a lot better inside than compared to the older(current) model I saw in Yokohama.

  17. The sunroof is actually a conventional one as seen in the much clearer photo below…I will jump for joy when I see this in person and I hope it is a lot better inside than compared to the older(current) model I saw in Yokohama.

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