All new Z!

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This looks very real to me.
So I’l say it: Here is the all new Nissan 370 Z!

And I think it looks better than any of the illustraions I’ve seen so far.
Familiar yet different.
Pretty much the story of any recently redesigned Nissan/Infiniti models.

It still works great here.

Thanks to a reader for this one.

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  1. I think that this is real. I mean it seems to match not only spy shots but also that side-styling teaser cloth sculpture that nissan showed at Nissan360 as well as previous spy shots of the finished headlight assembly.

    Something tells me that the new Z will be shown very soon.

  2. This looks great! The rear side window is interesting in the fact that it strongly reminds me of the rear side window of the first generation Z cars. Particularly the 2+2’s. I guess we’ll see if this is the real deal or not though. That’s a huge rear wheel flare.

  3. ^ agree with 8:33pm – the headlites aren’t so bad on a sport model
    – not that they add anything – but not completely out of place AND probably easy to change 😉

  4. At first glance it appears to have that rear side window “dip” that the Genesis Coupe has although not as pronounced.
    Kudos to Nissan on getting adventurous with that headlight design…I’m sure it’s one of those elements that will look better in person than in photos.

  5. like I said this is it, it’s a winner likre every nissan. imagine if you will that you were a toyoda od hoonda dealer, this stuff, new max, new z, new cube, new gtr, it would all really piss you off. nissan wins, bullshit walks , it’s taillights down the road.

  6. look at that rear 3/4 flank steak, that looks like that ripe sexy hard ass you’d just love to haul off and spank hard! ,……a la Porsche

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