Another mystery…

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Not sure what this is at all.
Looks like it could be some mule, or prototype that never made it into production.

Or could it be the “next something”???

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  1. These photos are YEARS old, Vince. Literally. They were chops (poor ones) of the last gen Mustang, in a rather pathetic attempt to hazard a guess at the current model, then dubbed by its “S197” codename. I guess whoever made these thought the Mustang would look better as a Japanese sport coupe.

  2. I remember reading that Ford was considering 2 versions of the Mustang back then. A retro one and a “modern” one.
    Could this be pics of the modern prototype?

  3. Vince,

    You posted these yourself around 2002 or so as the next Mustang. The pics were on your old site, before you switched to blogger.

  4. hmmm the front/side/rims all looked like a TSX… I swear I thought it was a 2door TSX, except for the grill.

    The back looks like it was stolen off of a Saturn.

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