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Another “4 door coupe”? This time from Ford.
Do they really think this market is that big?
The Passat CC isn’t out yet, there are rumors of a couple of 4 door coupes from Audi. Who else?
And why?

Why not make the regular sedans that good looking on the first place. Not roomy enough?
That’s why they have wagons and crossovers for.

The CC makes the good Passat look bad. And that was a pretty good looking car.
Same with this (If there is any truth to this illustration). Just when you thought the Ford Mondeo looked nice, they come up with this.

If this is for real, it would have made a stunning Mercury in the US.
My guess is Mercury will be long gone by the time this one comes out….

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  1. Yeah, you know WTF Ford… Killing off Mercury when they could’ve been the purveyor of affordable, sporty or just plain different cars. Look at the UK and Aussie websites and friggin tell me that cars like the Fusion mini-SUV, S-Max, Kuga and Mondeo, as well as the Falcon and Falcon Ute, could not have been TOTALLY viable as Mercurys. Like Saturn and Pontiac are GM’s way to route Euro and Aussie models here, as should Mercury be that channel for Ford. But no… let’s just have absolutely no imagination or common sense, run the brand into the ground and then kill it. Pisses me off…

  2. This looks too aggressive to be a Ford. I just can’t forget what happened to the forward thinking design of the concept Zephyr when the dull-normal production version was finally launched. Based on history, I’ll reserve my excitement for now.

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