Batmobile for sale!!!!!

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That’s right.
if you ever wanted to own the Batmobile from Tim Burton Batman movie.
It’s not clear from the Ebay page if the car was actually used in the movie (5 were built).

I’m not even sure if you can really drive this outside of your property either.

No matter what, you will need some serious Bruce Wayne kind of money with a starting bid of $500,000,00!

I must admit, I remember seeing this movie when it came out (actually a week before, thanks to a friend at WB)
And that night back in 1989, I really felt my 1968 Chrysler Newport was my version of the Batmobile….)

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  1. who needs this crap when you can get beautiful us cars pictures of the modesto auto show on my site these are the real thing

  2. I will sell one of my bronze castings of MASTER CHIEF from Halo to watch over your batmobile. Of course its on Ebay

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