Compact Infiniti coming up?

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Apparently, someone from the magazine “Car” was attending a Nissan presentation and took this picture with a cell phone.
This is supposed to be the next all new Infiniti model. A small RWD coupe to compete with the new BMW 1 series.

That would be a good move for the European market.
But also over here.
Where, by the time this comes out, gas might be well over $4.50 a gallon.
And the 3.5 Liter G sedan’s pretty poor gas mileage might not cut it anymore as an entry level model.

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  1. I know the new Altima saved Nissan, but the coupe is kind of a silly idea when some folks would rather have a “vintage” Nissan, that being the new 240 SX replacement which I believe the new Infiniti might be based on.

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