Corvette in the Burlapp garage

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So far so good.

But wait.. No iPod plug?!??!?!?!?!

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  1. Hah! Disappointingly, the Vette didn’t get a basic aux jack on the radio face until ’08, which it has on all radios…unless you get Nav. Then I think it either disappears or is moved somewhere else.

    Either way, even as a GM fan, the Vette suffers from a less than stellar interior that has some decent materials in spots, but just has a very unfinished look and lack of design detail. Throw in unimpressive seats, and it isn’t great. Maybe fitting of the pricetag vs. the overall package you get, but this and the XLR are–despite price–probably the most lacking GM’s once you open the door.

  2. This isn’t the 50’s anymore.
    Most people listen to their music on an iPod (or another kind of mp3 player)
    I usually do not use CDs anymore myself.

    Every car should have at least an iPod plug.
    On a car that costs over $55 000 it is inexcusable.
    You shouldn’t have to choose between playing your favorite music and a navigation system.
    Who never listen to music when they drive anyway???

    CDs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.
    Like it or not…

  3. Well, other than the understandable argument of lacking a proper aux jack, how is the Vette appealing or not appealing to your senses yet as the car that it is?

    One thing, just to mention, that’s stood out with the Vette for quite some time is the fuel mileage it realistically can achieve…completely the opposite of what people naturally think. Combine a powerful GM V8 that just loafs along at a whisper cruising with great aerodynamics and decent weight, and the 30+ mpg on the highway at times isn’t uncommon. Not bad around town either.

  4. So far I really like the car.
    It is surprising an many ways.

    I’ll do a proper report soon…

  5. I have three iPods. An iPhone for everyday use, a Shuffle for jogging, and an old Nano for the car. I haven’t bought a CD in over eight years, and I have no plans to ever purchase another one ever. An Aux jack stinks because you cannot control the ipod through the radio head unit. It’s very important that all vehicles offer fully functioning iPod integration. I love the Corvette, but this is another area where it is just a bit outdated compared to the competition. It all matters.

  6. The new Corvette has never given me any flutter unlike the classic Stingray. To me, it seems the Corvette is bought by the same bunch (now with money) who grew up with TransAm, Camaro and Firebird.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Knight Rider but IMO, you can’t beat a classy ride like the Mercedes SL or even the Bimmer 6-series convertible.

  7. Hey anonymous that wants to flutter… Have you DRIVEN a new Corvette? That’ll make you flutter!

  8. To ne1butu: fully functioning iPod integration would be nice if the iPod was the only MP3 device in existence.

    GM sees that people do use other devices (the Zune comes to mind as well as pods from Sansa, Creative, and Sony) so they provide the aux jack to keep it universal.

    The world doesn’t revolve around fans of Apple products.

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