CTS Wagon?

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It looks like the real thing. The Cadillac CTS wagon.

It also looks like it has a major blind spot.
At least on this picture, the design looks almost weird. I guess at least it doesn’t look like other wagons…

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  1. It doesn’t look “weird” at all. It’s a wagon and an extremely sharp edged, detailed, and stunning one. Nothing unexpected given the current state of the CTS. I like it more than coupe, actually, just because of balance and proportions.

    Not a Suburban, but the same great current CTS with a bit more accessible rear space…why not? Now, if Americans would just stop it with their loathing of wagons. I want one NOW.

  2. “Looks similar to the now-defunct Dodge Magnum”

    Well duh. They’re both station wagons, go figure…

    I don’t believe the D column is that big of a deal. It is so far back that the driver won’t be trying to look through it when clearing a lane.

    The design is pretty sweet and I do need a station wagon next year (I’ve been planning to buy an Acadia) Hopefully it’ll be on the market when I’m ready to buy. I’ll definitely give it some serious consideration since I really dig the CTS sedan…

  3. “Rick said…
    “Looks similar to the now-defunct Dodge Magnum”
    Well duh. They’re both station wagons, go figure…”

    Why is it ‘well duh’?? I am sure he knows they are both station wagons. The silhouette does resemble the Magnum and not the Mazda6 wagon, for example.

    It might do better than the Magnum since most Americans seem to like high end wagons like Audi, BMWs and Mercedes. Caddy don’t forget to offer a rear seat third row as an option heh.

  4. Absolutely stunning. can’t wait for a clear pic.

    Caddy, do it TODAY!!

    Doesn’t even need a V-8. Direct injection HF is perfect…just get the tranny right (stick or semi-auto, 6-speeds please, thanks)

    And just say no to a third-row seat unless it faces the rear to frighten the brats.

  5. If this isn´t just a photoshop… this Swiss-banker will be a proud customer next year.

    GM is back!!!

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