Day 4

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To answer some questions:
-The headlights are very bright at night.
-No rattles or squeaks whatsoever. The car feels like a tank.
-A slight lag in the gas pedal when starting from a stop.
But that’s because the engine doesn’t have that much torque under 2000rpm.
I have gotten used to it. Pushing it a little more.
The car is pretty peppy. But not as sporty as the handling/suspension would let you to believe.
It could handle much more I’m sure.

I still enjoy driving it very much.

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  1. Vince-
    Thanks for the update on the headlights!

    One more question, the lack of a coolant gauge on the dash, does that bother you?

  2. I’ve driven this car when i was in Europe, 170km/hr in Germany, not for just split of second testing, it was few hours of driving from Munich to Berlin, this thing is pretty smooth and it runs really well, I dont mind to buy it as long as the price is good.

  3. Hi Vince. Yous said “It could handle much more I’m sure”. In Europe, this car is sell as Opel Astra and we have an OPC (Opel Performance Center) version with more than 200hp. And there, it is really too much for the drivetrain. The torque is too important too and you can burn your tyres in the third gear !

    I think that your 140hp version is the good compromise between power and pleasure ! Really !

    And I’am proud cause this Astra is made in Belgium, my country !


  4. I like its looks. Add a V6 and you are in business. When it comes to amenities, I would not expect much from an econobox. It is perfect for youngsters, students, as long as they do not mind being seen in a Saturn.

  5. The only thing i don’t like about this car is the fact that it has a timing belt, chains are so in.

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