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Just a short teaser with obnoxious horrible music about the new Subaru Exiga.

It seems that Subaru has set up to be the maker of the world’s most conservative looking wagons.
And I just hope this doesn’t replace the Outback in the US….

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  1. Well, atleast it looks like it will be a real wagon and 7 seater is practically a revelation is this day and age.

    What gets on my nerves is all these little 5 door hatchbacks that they have the nerve to call ‘wagons’, like the butt ugly WRX and Mazda 3. Don’t get me started on some of these crossovers.

    I’m no fan of the ford LTD monster wagon era, but BMW, Mercedes and Volvo brought ‘Touring’ to its apex in the 90s.

  2. I just don’t get this.
    What kind of a loser would ever want to be seen driving a wagon.
    Subaru needs to make cool cars, not bloated wagons.
    Once again, only losers buy wagons. Just look around.

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