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Almost looks like a funny picture. A brick looking wagon in a wind tunnel.
I know every car goes through it, but that’s nit the first thing I think about when I see the Flex.

Ford is trying something different, at least. I guess Dodge is too with the Journey.
Both of these are new takes on the “old” Minivan idea.
I sat in a couple of Flexes and it’s fine. Still a couple of cheap looking and feeling area.
It will depend on how much people pay for it.

What do you think? Will this work for Ford?
Would you “Drive one”????

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  1. At the very least, The Ford Flex will be a strong competitor in the large CUV segment. People have been complaining about the pricing but they have apparently forgotten that the Flex’s pricing is pretty much in line with that of GM Lambda CUVs and those are selling like hot cakes.

    Another thing that will really help is the engine lineup that is coming to the Flex (I really do hate that name) The initial engine is Ford’s 3.5 V6 with 262HP. This has less power than the 2009 Lambdas (290hp Direct Injection 3.6 V6) but Ford will also be offering the engine with EcoBoost (another stupid name) that offers 340HP with fuel economy predicted to be in the same range as the normally aspirated version.

    Ford’s styling decisions of late have been really bland and safe. Unfortunately safe styling hasn’t translated into sales (ie: the current Taurus) I have a real appreciation for anyone that goes with a “love it or hate it” design. It takes balls and Ford is finally starting to grow a pair.

    Now if Ford can just do something about the part of their company that comes up with these stupid names. Geez people put the cigaweed down.

  2. I keep reading various auto reviewers, blogs, magazines, etc. saying how great they think the Flex looks and that it could be a real success for Ford. I saw it at the NYC auto show, and A) no one was checking it out with any enthusiasm, and B) it just looks odd and unattractive (which has worked SO well for the Mercedes R-Class). Combine that with a relatively high price, tanking SUV sales and a really dumb name, and I think you are looking at a big flop. Turn up the wind tunnel and blow that thing out of here.

  3. I like the look of the Flex – but the game has changed now. With high fuel costs I no longer want such a large vehicle. I also imagine that mpg’s won’t be that great. Our free wheeling days of driving all over creation are coming to an end (or at least an expensive reality).

    Instead of the flex we should have the Kuga with a euro turbo diesel. Dream on…….

  4. I expect it to be popular at first….but it’ll follow the story of the PT Cruiser. At least they aren’t trapped into a niche look like the Chrysler though, I know that if this thing makes it to a redesign, they will probably make it more roundish and streamline. Hopefully this giant Mini Cooper will get an S trim…haha.

  5. It looks better than those Toyota boxes, and probably gets better EPA than a minivan, so it’ll have a chance.

  6. It’s just a station wagon with a more palatable image for stupid Americans who can’t break their addiction to greed, oil, and tonnage. Buy it if you like it or need it, fine. But don’t pretend you need it when you can drive your fat ass to work in something less fuel thirsty.

  7. Whoever said cars of the future would look light years ahead in modern styling and futuristic design were dead wrong! This box on wheels looks like in came out of the mid 60’s. The only difference is back then this would have cost over 3/4 less than it does today and would have been built with a great deal more of steel and less plastic! Do all the new safety features in todays vehicles really necessitate the huge price increase?

  8. I am European. I look at a Flex and then I look at a Ford S-Max or a Mondeo Estate and it’s hard to believe these cars not only are made by the same company, but actually coexist in the same point of the time continuum, if not in the same space (different continents). There are many American cars I like, but there are times when I just can’t figure out American tastes.

  9. It will do well IF Ford markets it properly. I see this as an understated upscale vehicle, similar to a Volvo wagon or an old Land Cruiser. It is the perfect second car. “Every” home needs a sedan and a larger vehicle for day-to-day errands. With the political incorrectness of SUVs today, this is ideal for a lot of people.

    The one thing that concerns me about the success of the Flex, is that its purpose is not visually defined. The proportions hint at rugged toughness. But the wheels, front grille and interior are strictly Taurus tame. In order to help define itself, the Flex needs to be slightly more distinctive in key visual areas.

    This is also a great vehicle for Ford to offer special editions like VW did with Thule and K2. Lexus did it with Coach. These make sense. What they don’t need is an Eddie Bauer or Lillian Vernon edition. I think they should link up with Nike and do something really cool with the interior.

  10. American tastes are forced upon us….

    I forgot the Flex will be the largest FWD vechicle ive ever seen

  11. No one else sees Volvo 240 wagon when looking at this?

    And it’s really not that massive in person.

  12. To me, this looks just cheesy and clumsy. I wouldn’t want to be seen driving one. I think it looks horrible. And who picked the name Flex? Every recent redesign touts how the body is stiffer than the previous model. Flex implies that it is not stiff at all and wallows around like a marshmallow on a rough road. This thing doesn’t look cool, it looks dorky. You’d have to be a real dork to buy one of these.

  13. “Do all the new safety features in todays vehicles really necessitate the huge price increase?”

    I would say so with all the advances in technology when it comes to safety, creature comforts, inflation, testing, engineering (and re-engineering). A lot more thing are standard nowadays that weren’t standard just 10 years ago.

  14. what an embarassment, you just have to laugh, how are ford dealers going to sell their stores now ? ? ?, those dumb bastards are screwed, they should all sue ford, they haven’t done their due diligence to bring out nice product. if you were trying to bankrupt a company, this is what you would bring out!

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