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Remember this next time you see an Escape.
And to those who claim this would be too expensive to sell in the US.
Exactly the same excuse we heard for the new Euro Focus.
How can Ford manage to sell the new Focus in Mexico???
It’s not too expensive for mexico, but too much for the US???

None of this makes any sense….

If Ford really wanted us to have this, they would find a way…

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  1. As they’ve said before. HAVE FUN IN YOUR BANKRUPTCY FORD! Why should we feel bad for them if they continue to shut out their home market, and offer the U.S. this crap like the Escape instead of the Kuga, then I guess the consumer can let them go under! We won’t miss Ford, since there’s nothing much they offer to miss! Welcome to a free market.

  2. Not only are these cool videos because of great editing and music selection, there are actually really fantastic design elements on the Kuga that the photographer can hone in on. Imagine the same video with an Escape… it would be ridiculous and it wouldn’t work. You could also see a great commercial like this using a new Mondeo, but not a new bloated Taurus. When Ford starts making vehicles like this available stateside, then they’ll get out of the red and start getting back some of the market share that they’ve lost.

  3. Vince,

    It’s because you are not a ECON major. The one simple thing you forget is that Ford sells TONS of Focuses and Escapes to fleets, including state and federal government. This means selling a car that is as cheap to produce as possible.

    The state of Ohio is replacing their entire fleet of 4-door cars with Focus-es soon, that is costing them about 12.5 to 14k a piece. If Ford brought over the Euro-Focus, there is NO WAY it could make a DIME of profit given how much more that car makes. In fact, rumor is that Ford still loses money on these.

    It’s also about how much you can spend to make money. Bringing over the Euro Focus and Kuga, which are totally new platforms, would cost Ford more money it didn’t even have to spend. So spend $1 buck to make $1 buck or spend $2 bucks to make $1.25. It’s easy to see which option they chosen.

    It’s ignorant to think that Ford refuses to bring these over because of any other reason besides financial. And since none of us can see the full books, I suggest we just pray that Ford will turn it around and eventually find a way to bring these over.

    Personally, I do believe Ford should have done what it takes to get these over. But as a controller for a private company that produces amusement equipment, I see that even slight changes in design, materials, etc can easily make a company no profitable.

  4. “The one simple thing you forget is that Ford sells TONS of Focuses and Escapes to fleets, including state and federal government…”

    But you realize, of course, if Ford offered better products, they could sell them at near sticker price and make a higher margin. Just like Toyota and Honda do with their terribly bland CRV and Rav4. Yes? The reality is that the more uses Ford finds for the C1 platform, the cheaper it should be to produce vehicles that use it. From the consumer’s perspective, none of this matters. It’s just clear that Ford is offering uncompetitive and unappealing products. This is very odd since Ford’s other divisions are able to.

  5. Yeah Ford does everything wrong. They build up Lincoln with quality RWD cars and with good interiors then they replace them with Fusions with cheap wood trim. (Don’t get me started on the Navigator.) They develop a proper Mid engined supercar that gave the Ferrari F430 a run for its money and only made it for two years. They develop cool cars but never sell them in the home market. They claim that it would cost too much money to re-engineer them for the US Market. Heres the funny thing, theses are all new platforms, and the Fact GM had the foresight to make their global platforms compatible with the US Market from the get go (Zeta) or re-engineered cars anyway (Saturn Astra). Ford’s actions are inexcusable at this point.

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