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The Pontiac G6 will get a new front for 2009.
Not all new, let’s say “newer”…

I’m not sure that was really needed. But what is needed is a revised interior. The current one is actually OK, but that car deserves better.
It drives very nice, feels very solid, looks good. But the interior is far inferior to the Malibu or even the Aura.

Let’s hope this will be addressed. Although I fear they’ll leave it alone.
Just like the interior in the “revised” 2009 Cadillac XLR…

I will be getting a G6 convertible to drive late next week.

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  1. The G6 was a roomy, forward-looking car when introduced.. but was quickly overshadowed by Aura and Malibu. Makes me wonder what the future holds since the upcoming Aura looks like what the next G6 sedan should have, and the upcoming Buick Invicta/LaCrosse on this same platform will be battling the G6 for showroom space.

    Perhaps Pontiac should ditch the sedan and keep the coupe/convertible versions for itself, which should be redesigned when the Opel Insignia coupe debuts.

  2. Yawn.

    With Malibu, Aura, LaCrosse sedans…what makes this one special?

    I can see it suffering “Cavalier” syndrome.

    This car would be great as only a Coupe/Convertible, because the others aren’t offered in those styles. The Aura should get a wagon variant since the entire lineup is devoid of one.

    Here’s how I see it:

    Malibu: Sedan Only

    LaCrosse: Sedan and Coupe

    G6: Coupe and Convertible

    Aura: Sedan and Wagon

    This gives everyone a taste of everything. However one thing keeping the G6 Sedan afloat is Pontiac’s need of a high volume car. The coupe and conv. would not qualify.

    The Malibu would be fine because it would be the Value leader of the pack.

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