German auto show babes

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Let me explain.
These are pretty girls (AKA sexy babes) from a German auto show in Essen.

Quite different than what we get here…

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  1. I like how the Germans let their women degrade themselves in public. They have that right. Apparently, in the US women have lost the right to degrade themselves in public in the name of “decency” or “liberation”. If a woman wants to wear nothing but body paint at a car show why not let her? I can’t see that happening here.

  2. We Americans have a reputation for being somwhat decadent from our movies being interprated as real lfe here. You would never see those babes in any USA show.A bunsh of prudes and hipocrites we are. Can’t even show a nude statue here. I have some on

  3. That blondie on the driver side hood on the Ferrari is soo hot, her thighs are perfect too as seen in the second set of pics above.

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