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I got my 3 door Saturn Astra today
.For a week.

I will try to report it every day, if possible.
So far so good. It feels very solid and very well put together. Almost upscale.
In a word: German.

A few things I miss:
-The sunroof. Not available on the coupe.
-An armrest. Not available at all.
-An iPod plug. Not there either. Too bad because the stereo unit sounds fantastic.

I think it looks great. The interior is less to my taste. A bid austere. No light colors available either.
But everything has a high quality feel.

More, much more later….

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  1. Looks and sounds fantastic, as expected.

    A few notes:
    1) No factory sunroof, but so far I’ve already seen one coupe with a power slider install after the fact that looked even better than factory. Same car also got a full leather interior in a lighter color, and both really changed the car. So, there are “options”, but like with many cars, they just can be done after the fact.

    2) An armrest has been available for a little time now, made by an aftermarket company, but sold through Saturn dealers and of VERY high quality. Could be there in the first place, but that can be said for a lot of small cars with armrest accessories still. Great quality:

    3) No aux jack, which does stink a bit at this time, but the reason is simple–to give the car Onstar for the US, they had to use the aux jack that is with the system to play the Onstar through. Again, not a huge worry, as some have already done accessory aux-ins that plug wire into the antenna jack and then work great.

    So, from factory it misses a few things, but is a great little car…and has that Euro-German solidity and refinement still so few, if any small cars, can muster.

  2. hehe the whole german thing is just a marketing scheme, i mean seriously compared to our domestic cars sure not bad. but compared to even vw this car can’t hold its own

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