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The Honda Freed, the weird one…
This new 6 seater seems to be based on the new Fit.

Japan only. For now.
Let’s hope this never makes it over here….

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  1. Hey if the Kia Rondo 7-seaters can make it here. why not Honda? It probably will sell considering Honda reputation and expensive gas price.

  2. Vince, Didn’t we already have the original Lackluster Honda Odyssey over here for 4 years back in the mid 90’s without much success? They even tried to pass it off at your local Isuzu dealer as the Oasis. It was a bust then and it will be a bust now. This is why Honda will bring it here again.

  3. If you need to haul 6 people, this would do the job just fine.

    Maybe it just doesn’t suck enough gas for Americans.

  4. We, US, need more cars like these…granted this is not the most beautiful thing, but it’s the right idea.

    99% of SUV Drivers really don’t need to drive a 13 MPG SUV that only seats 5 people and can’t carry anything else, or need to drive a 23 MPG small SUV that has less space than a wagon.

    I’d take a thoughtfully designed, fuel efficient automobile any day. That is the quickest way to decrease dependency on foreign oil.

    If you need to tow something heavy or big, by all means buy what you need. May it be a gas guzzler.

    NOT “USE LESS”, but “USE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED.” There is a gigantic difference between the two.
    Most people don’t NEED 5 liter automobiles to commute or run errands.

  5. This thing is an abortion. We are all only assuming it sips fuel – we dont know for sure – but ugly fuel-saving abortions are not a great way to get people to switch out of gas-hogs. Make the freakin things look decent as well as be practical. If I saw this in my driveway every day, I’d be pissed.

  6. Aside from the horribly gross comments, I think even if this does “make” it to the US, it won’t “make” it in the US.

    I didn’t think they would try to squeeze the body of a mini-mini van into the same body length as the Fit.

  7. I like this car from the first sight, and I expect that this car will be solld in my country Poland. IMO this is the best solution of transport on holliday

  8. Unfortunately, the Crossroads will never come to North America. 2009 will be the last model year for the Element and at the end of its long 7 year run it will fade away just like the Prelude and Insight have. Honda has ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS to bring or build a SUV smaller than the CR-V and sell it in the states! Eventually a completely new ‘Space Vehicle’ will fill the gap above the CR-V and below the Pilot.

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