Jaguar F Type?

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Well, at least it won’t be called F Type. Jaguar now seems to be using the letter X in front of everything.

This illustration looks OK. Jaguar is planing a 2 door car based on the XF. Either a coupe or a sporty convertible like this one.
I just don’t think this looks very much like a Jag.

But I also think the XF looks too much like a generic Japanese car.
Just like I don’t think the Jetta should look like a Corolla. I really don’t think a Jaguar should look like a Lexus…

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  1. Generic Japanese car? You’re kidding me right? It looks nothing like a Lexus. The front looks like a Jag and the rear if anything looks like an Aston Martin….

    The only let down if there is one is the interior which has been designed with North America in mind.

  2. I think Jag has become the Buick of Britian, making the Aston Martin the Cadillac as far as design and price…even thought the 2 are no longer part of Ford.

  3. The 4 door XF is gorgeous. See it in person and you will see what I am talking about. I saw another one in black yesterday and for a brief moment thought that it was a Bentley. the new Jaguar designs do not look like old fart any longer. You can be in your early 30s and drooling to be seen in one. But, I am sure repairs will be expensive.

  4. Awesome! It looks like a cross between a Jaguar/Maseratti/Corvette/Farrari. It’s not original looking but it does look awesome.

  5. vince, why couldn’t ford hang on to jaguar just a little longer? the new F-type topped audi,merc,and bmw on inside line. tata gets the payoff!

  6. The new XF is a very hot looking ride especially in person. Pictures don’t do it justice. However, I hope the new F Type doesn’t like like this illustration.

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