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Convertible version of the Lexus IS is coming up.

This might start a bit above $35 000 and could give both the BMW 1 series and the 3 series convertibles some competition.
I am still shocked about the 1 series convertible’s $35 000 base price.

This should really have been the new 2002. The coupe should not have been over $25 000. With a convertible under $30 000.

But I am not as greedy as BMW, I guess…

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  1. “But I’m not as greedy as BMW, I guess…”

    Or as greedy as VW. Last time I was at the VW dealership, the sticker on the Eos read $41,000 and change. I assume that’s why I’ve never seen a single one on the roads, and NY has had a higher than avg number of great convertible days this year.

    That IS is a good looking convertible. Better than I’d have expected.

  2. I am from NY and I have seen a fair number of them on the road.
    What coupe are you talking about for $ 25 K, the Bimmer or the Lexus?

  3. Looks like the Sebring wins again! At least Chysler is solid in one catagory.

    This IS just doesn’t look right for some reason. Maybe i’m having Solara flashbacks.

  4. Lexus is still working on the IS convertible? This thing has been “coming out” for what seems like forever. By the time it actually does come out, it’ll be old news and time for a redesign.

  5. I just don’t like the way BMW advertised the 1-series. They must think we are all idiots. It looks nothing like the 2002 of yore unlike the New Beetle or the Mini. They just want to slot in the car in the $30s since the 3-series is now squarely slotted in the $40s. So what is next? A 2-door 0-series that looks like a 1-series and called it an ‘iseta’ inspired vehicle for the 21st century?

  6. If you want an inexpensive $30k BMW, buy a Mini. Or buy a Lexus since they’ve always been cut-rate versions of German cars. BMW will never win any sales battle if they attempt to sell cars on price/value. A couple grand won’t make a difference here-or-there in this category.

    That said, this IS looks damn good. We shall see.

  7. Glad Toyota is not abandoning the convertible market. However I do wish there would be a cheaper alternative in the Toyota line-up now that the Solara is dead.

    I do like this Lexus but probably can’t afford it :(.

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