Mazda Biante

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The new Biante is one weird looking Mazda.
Just when you thought they could do no wrong, they come up with this horrific looking thing.
Even most Chinese cars now look better than this.

And I thought they were out of the minivan business? The Japanese version of the new MPV looks more like a wagon.
And we only get the CX9.

Let’s just hope and pray this isn’t for the US market…

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  1. I actually sorta like it in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I think in some color other than silver it would look less awkward; black would probably look best. We clearly aren’t going to receive anything like that in the States because there are a number of small MPVs sold in Asia like this that never have a chance of coming over.

  2. these kinds of vans are pretty much just for asia. theyre not even engineered for lhd, so dont worry about seeing them here in the states. this van is about the size of a mazda 3

  3. The expression on the faces of the Teletubby rejects says it all. They all look like they are saying;”WTF is that piece of S&*T?” Send me back to the land of Snicker Doodle!! Or whatever those little annoying things say.

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