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These pictures were sent to me by a reader.
The US version looks great to me. No matter what color.

I am not 100% sure the interior pics are the US version.
If they are, it looks pretty much like the Euro model seen a few months ago.
The black interior seems to be a base model.
You can see on the tan leather interior that they use the same “almost weird” really light fake wood as the Euro model.
That interior seems to be a 2 tone cream/balck like in some Mercedes models. That usually looks great.

I also see something that looks like a USB/charging dock for an iPod on the console.
But the start button placement seems really odd. On the console instead of where the key is.

I wonder why???

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  1. If the interior materials come up some compared with the first 6, and the in cabin engine noise has been reduced, this will be a competitive car. What I cannot understand is Mazda’a decision to not sell some of the station wagons in the U.S.

    Hopefully as SUV sales continue to plummet, Mazda will change their mind and offer the station wagon here.

  2. There is a good reason why Mazda won’t bring the wagon over here: because they’re smart.
    Wagons don’t sell in the US. At all.
    There aren’t enough losers to buy them that’s why.

  3. They don’t sell because they aren’t advertised for. They aren’t advertised for so they can sell their more expensive SUVs in greater numbers. Can anyone honestly remember the last time they saw a commercial for a station wagon? The companies in the US decide upon what to sell. Not the consumer….the manufacturers TELL us what we want to buy. If they wanted us to buy less expensive wagon variants of already established cars, it would be easy to create a cult following, but the days of the Surburban and Explorer have shown those money makers how to be greedy instead of marketing our good ol’ Camry and Accord wagons, which is what most people really need instead of their gas guzzling SUVs.

  4. It’s not an a/c power outlet you idiot..

    It’s a start button, as evidenced by the “start” word on it..

  5. I still think the painted “C” pillar to resemble a rear quarter window looks cheap. Why copy the style of the ugly Sebring?

  6. Nice car, but not interested if there’s no hatchback coming over. Having the hatch and the wagon is what made the Mazda unique amongst its competitors in North America. Now it’s just another sedan, albeit a very nice looking one.

    (begin rant)
    I wish Canada wasn’t lumped in with the US in terms of Ford’s marketing. Hatches are more popular here, as our gas prices are a lot higher than in the US. I have a friend who works for a Ford dealer and some of their salesguys are really missing the Focus hatches. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, GM and Chrysler all have some kind of hatchback model available. Ford is the only one that doesn’t. If you want the versatility of a hatchback from Ford, you’re stuck with some gas guzzling SUV!

    It’s all the more frustrating when you come to sites like Vince’s here and see what fantastic cars Ford sells everywhere else in the world except in North America. Man, even Mexico gets the new Focus. Sigh…

    At least Ford left the Mazda 3 alone.

  7. I think I like it more and more.
    Hope to see what the new 3 will look like and if it will have an AWD/SUV variant…

  8. To the left of the gear shift, below the driver’s side temp dial on the automatic pic. It’s clearly labled: Start Stop

  9. Are those taillights off of a first gen Toyota Solara?The new 6 looks porky compared to th first gen

  10. Ford has a 31% (or something like that) share of Mazda…Ford is NOT Mazda. If anything, I’d say Ford cars are getting more “Mazda” like (Fusion, Edge, Focus, Escape) are all based upon Mazda guts.

    As for why they don’t bring the wagon to NA – simply, they don’t sell; yes, there are LOTS of reasons for this (advertising / SUV love) – however those dynamics can and will change (gas prices / more MKT investment).

    I do think not bringing the hatch is a miss their behalf – it’ll likely show up in a year or so (remember, the hatch and wagon didnt get here till a couple of years into the 6’s life). I also think this would be a rockstar coupe.

  11. Yeah I agree with most on how they should have the hatchback and wagon; even though I don’t think the wagon would sell. I have never seen a Mazda6 wagon ever on the road, but I did see a Jaguar S-Type Wagon yesterday, couldn’t help but think that the daughter must have felt dorky. Most C pillars are always painted.

  12. I think the return of the MX6 would make a great contender against the Accord, Altima (Main Target), and G6 coupes.

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