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Outside. In the real world.
From the media drive in New York.

Like I said before, I am schedule to drive the 2009 Ford Flex in a few days, in L.A.

I actually can’t wait to drive this giant Mini Cooper.

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  1. this is one of the best looking wagon ever made this will sure become a best seller for d is on top again the c that crappy pilot honda just came out with is doa

  2. I saw one on the road by the Ford Edge plant… I’d actually consider getting one, if god forbid… I needed a mini van.

  3. The more I look at this, the better it looks! If I ever need a vechicle of this size, I could get a steal on a previous model year during the end of the year clearance! I’m hoping to walk away with something like this for $22,000!

  4. Could someone photochop the Flex with a truck bed like the sport-trac? Just wondering how it would look. Think of the possibilities Ford could have with this “Flexible” platform. Next F100?

  5. The Flex name is as stupid as someone calling themselves “Douchebag Jones.

    The Flex should be called the Falcon.

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