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More, and better, colors for the upcoming Kia Soul.

I really think this will be a big seller for Kia. And this price point, image isn’t that important.
It looks really good, Kia’s quality has been very decent lately. And by the time this comes out, gas will be closer to $5 a gallon.

Plus, the xB has gotten too big for many people….

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  1. Best looking vehicle Kia has ever produced. I’m glad they had to the guts to offer it here in the U.S. I hope they sell a ton of them.

  2. I like the looks. Things are getting smaller. The foreign car makers are keyed in on the change. Unfortunately the U.S. manufactures are still designing and introducing vehicles that are still way to big.

  3. This platform will outsell all other Kias models and will pave the way for other companies to introduce their own little economical space machines!

  4. I like it… Maybe the US will fall in love with 5-door hatchbacks like the rest of the world. Spacious on the inside, small on the outside.

    I’d consider one, but I’m going to be upside down on my American V8 Sedan until it’s paid off in 2011, at which time will most likely be sold for scrap…

  5. very very good looking, that’s it, very weak dealer network, very poor warranty relations/issues, very poor resale value, therefore, the new Cube by who else but the GTR family group “Nissan” will be the vehicle of choice here, not the Kia.

  6. Ooooo now I’m stuck between this and the Hyundai Elantra Touring…I can’t wait to see both in person!

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