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Looks like Ford is trying to sell the Flex to a “new and cool crowd”.
Exactly the same people who would never be caught dead in a minivan.

I think it’s a good idea. I just wish the interior was a bit “cooler”. Younger looking.
The giant Mini Cooper exterior seems to work.

I will be test driving the Flex in a couple of weeks. So if you guys have any questions about it, go ahead….

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  1. Vince- Check out the brakes, see if they take long to stop the flex. The Edge does! Also any annoying drive-by-wire lag in the gas pedal. and check the stereo, see if it sounds as good as aftermarket (yes i know i still dream).

  2. It is not bad, but I think it is expensive like the VW TIguan I just drove before. Not everyone want to spend above $ 25K for a car that is meant for the everyday working family. Ford and VW need to re-think their pricing strategy as well as some other over prices autos.


  3. The brakes on the Fusion are great. I’ll remember to check the Flex.

    It is a much larger car than the Tiguan.
    Not in the same class at all. It is even larger than the Touareg.

  4. I like this a lot. Although the use of (fake?) wood says Buick more than it does Audi. The exterior is fantastic and the interior is okay. I just wish they used some less conventional materials on the dash. Less car-like wheels might be nice too.

  5. Drive a Taurus X and a Flex back to back. Comparison would be interesting. Flex looks bus like but can it drive like car?

  6. I drove the previous version of the Taurus X ( I can’t even remember the name right now) The one with the CVT and I really didn’t like it.
    Mostly because of the horrible CVT.
    But the interior was pretty cheap too. And the steering was more than numb.
    The Flex can only be better than that.

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