New Honda City

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If I am not mistaken, the current City is just a trunk version of the previous Fit.
So I guess this is the more conservative version of the new Fit.

Honda was thinking about selling this for a while, but they decided to give us the Fit instead. Thank God…

But I noticed that the front end on this car isn’t that bad. This type of grille design would fit much better on our US Accord.
Instead of the horrible chrome rectangle we have now…

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  1. this car has been very popular in many countries in Asia region, and with 1.5L engine, it makes very economical transportation for getting aronud traffic badly congested downtown area,especially for today’s gas price! but dont expect many extra elbow room etc, its just a cheap realiable honda, size wise just equal to the Civic in the late 80. its ok car if you want to save $ on gas and insurance, but need something just go point A 2 B such as grocery shoppings. however, anyone weight more than 180Ib will find more difficulty get in and out of the car, size is really small. Like you said, its just a Fit with Trunk version. not too bad.

  2. So Team BHP gave you the pic, I see.

    Note to them: A nice, clean watermark will do if you need credit for the photo scoop that badly.

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