New Honda Legend

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Nothing really… Just the revised 2009 RL sold in other markets as the Honda Legend.
(Still a much better name than “RL”)

At least it doesn’t have the RL’s horrendous grille.
How many Europeans would actually consider this over their beloved BMWs and Mercedes luxury cars?

Good luck to Honda with this one….

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  1. Honda just doesn’t get it, it’s bland and non-distinctive. It’s closest rival would be the Citroen C6, another slow seller. No matter how good the car is, if it’s bland and comes from a brand thatis just being recognized in Europe, it’s going to fail miserably.

  2. Hyundai has a better grasp on what type of designs appeal to certain markets around the globe. Honda has completely lost touch with their offbeat designs as well as their just plain ugly ones. Who would have thought that Korea would overcome Japan so quickly with better looking vehicles?

  3. It vaguely has the face of a Chrysler Sebring in that photo, which is the biggest losermobile to hit the streets in recent years.

  4. I think it’s time that Honda turns to one of the Italian design houses for some of its models. Not all need the make such as the CrossRoad and Civic, but certainly the Ridgeline and Accord sedan need a little help. The hideous grill on the RL and TL need to go!
    The Euro version is a LITTLE better.

  5. Honda Legend/Acura RL is in dire need of a total makeover.

    It’s an excellent car, but overpriced and not competitive–the TL is a much better deal (for U.S. buyers only) for about $15,000 less.

    You can do better with your $50,000.

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